Crazy Taxi Analog Controller Unofficial Fix

Download Version 1.02:

This fix enables analog controls for steering, acceleration and braking in the Steam release of Crazy Taxi.

Just copy Crazy Taxi.exe to the game’s folder, replacing the original file.  If the game ever updates, you may have to reinstall this fix, unless SEGA fixes the official version as well.

If you don’t know where the game’s folder is, you can open it by right-clicking the game in Steam, selecting ‘Properties’, ‘Local Files’, ‘Browse Local Files’.  If you ever want to reset the game back to its unmodified state, you can select ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache’ from this same screen.

Analog steering tested to work with a 360 controller, Logitech Rumblepad 2, and other controllers.  Analog acceleration and braking work with the 360 controller’s triggers, and will likely work with other compatible XInput gamepads as well.  Controllers that are not compatible with XInput should revert to a digital button input for acceleration and braking, but analog steering should still work.  Keyboard and D-Pad input should be unaffected.

This modified version of the game shouldn’t cause any harm to your system, but use at your own risk.

If redistributing the file, please include this readme.

Change Log:
Version 1.02 – Fix for DEP compatibility issue.
Version 1.01 – Attempt to fix compatibility issue.
Version 1.00 – Initial release.

Technical Info:
See readme file.

Vanguard Princess and FM2K Controller Fix

Note: This unofficial fix is no longer needed for the Steam version of Vanguard Princess, as it now includes this functionality.

This fix enables the use of the D-pad and arcade sticks in Vanguard Princess and other Fighter Maker 2002 engine games, as an alternative to gamepad remapping utilities.  It’s a modification of the game executable that not only checks the analog stick for input, but also the directional pad, allowing you to use either as you see fit.

Installation, Notes, and Technical Info:
See readme file.